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The Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap that Breathes

The Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap that Breathes


The Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap that Breathes

by Kiki Athanas

July 09, 2018

The Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap that Breathes

Are you suffocating your food? Wrapping it in toxins and chemicals and shortening it's life and health-span?

Stop. Right now.

Meet Abeego, which started as an act of defiance.

"The drive to disrupt the billion dollar plastic food wrap industry, and revolutionize food wrap, came when I realized the food wrap I was using looked nothing like the peel nature wrapped my fresh food in. Every peel found in nature protects and breathes, yet airtight plastic food wrap was the norm in our kitchens. In 2008 I invented the food wrap of the future and worked to keep it as convenient as pulling out a box of plastic wrap."

That's Abeego Inventor Toni Desrosiers, who's never met a problem that wasn't an opportunity in disguise. She admits to having more ideas than she can possibly act on though, so she's made it her mission to become a conduit to pass them on to people she believes can bring them to life.

Of course, she's also a business woman, and one that comes well recommended by Vicki Saunders, the Founder behind SheEO, and who I had the pleasure of seeing present at the Leaders & Icons event this past May.

I asked Toni for her first thoughts when thinking how about to make Abeego a real "business"...

"I took the path less traveled when I invented beeswax wrap. Typically new ideas are kept under wraps until extensive research often done in isolation has been conducted and the product is market ready. I didn’t do that. Instead I’d ask every single person who would talk to me how food was kept before the invention of plastic wrap and the refrigerator. Through these conversations I realized that much of what we did before modern food storage had never been documented and there was a clear gap in the market that was ripe to fill."

Okay, so let's get to the fun stuff, why does this beeswax ROCK?!

"Abeego is the best food wrap ever! It creates an environment where food can actually live. That means you can be confident the ingredient you need is going to be edible the moment you need it! Abeego has Saved the Day more times than I can count.

You know that feeling when you promise someone you love that you'll make their favourite dish only to realize you don't have the last ingredient needed to finish it off? I've been halfway through making my toddlers' Saturday morning crepes multiple times only to realize I didn't have a lemon for her traditional lemon and sugar topping. The relief of finding a still fresh but weeks old lemon in the fridge that saves a trip to the store or a colossal meltdown on a Saturday morning is unmeasurable!"

How & What to Use Abeego For

"Everything that lives goes in an Abeego if I think it’ll be the fridge for more than 3 days. I don’t dare keep asparagus, fresh herbs, mushrooms or celery in the crisper naked. Without the natural second skin Abeego provides, these delicate and let’s face it expensive foods, lose all their natural moisture too quickly and the result is rubbery produce that no one wants to eat. I also use Abeego to keep fresh fruit from ripening too quickly at room temperature. I despise the cold, tasteless fruit that comes out of the refrigerator so all my fruit sits on the counter year round. Abeego slows the ripening of many pit fruits so I can confidently purchase a bunch of avocados and not worry about tossing half in the garbage."

Toni's Green & Clean 'Kitchen-Detox' Tips:

"Embrace a Capsule Kitchen (like a capsule wardrobe). We suggest you buy quality kitchen tools that will last, are versatile, and keep them to a minimum. Ignore food prep fads! Gimmicky kitchen tools marketed for single-use end up becoming clutter in the kitchen and then landfill. Trust me, you don’t need an egg timer, mango slicer, or pizza scissors!

Get yourself some vintage cast iron pots & pans. They last forever, are incredibly versatile since they can go from the burner to the hottest oven and in my opinion food tastes way better when cooked on them. And lifting cast iron every day will make you stronger!"


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